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there are file launchers, there are application starters, Gemini is all that and more

This is my latest program. Coded on 8/24/02. Gemini was designed for a friend. This is a simple yet powerful program. It can launch any file on demand.Don't you hate it when you have to start like 5 programs and you have to go through Start>>Program Files then the long lists of programs? again and again?
Gemini lets you start 5 files or programs with its start. Plus it has a wait function that you can setup to wait a number of secs between starting files.
Gemini is the first program of Fusai that offers the source code for you, FREE.
Designed for Beginners and Experts, Gemini will start you up right.

Download Gemini now!!!

No Screenshot yet but you know that every Fusai product has a wicked interface.

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