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The official browser of Probe OS.

it's been so long.
NOT really. In the Fusai company, we develop software every month. Not like those people who have an annual thing.
any ways, NetCap is new, totally improved IBrowser.
NetCap has a cool animated interface, interchangable skins and much more functions with the new IGO.
Improved browsing capablities and so so so much more!! I'm so excited.
download it and read the READ ME, it's actually interesting.
oh well I'll just tell you right here.
It has favorites, and a password protected history log.
The password to this log is one of my program names. oh heck, it's "Matrix" the thing is case sensitive so it is "Matrix' not "matrix"
It loads pages fast and has more viewing area.
and NO POP UPS.!!! it keeps only the history records and those are password protected so u'll have no worries about nosy people finding out what sites you've been to. COOL!!!
Services are available so get it!

NetCap Orion edition (fully customizable) $69.95
or a new build of a web browser  just for your business or pleasure.
check the readme for all that you can get
NetCap Matrix edition (limited customizations) $ 29.95

DOWNLOAD NOW!!!! NetCap, fully improved.

CAQ (Commonly Asked Questions)
So what's so neat about NetCap?
The service, the ability to customize.
Search directly to the search engine.
Customize it to search any engine or database on the web or off the web.
Controlable flash buttons with the ability to put on a new skin or make your own skin.
Surf without hassle, go to a web site without the annoying pop-up ads.
History_see what users have been surfing on NetCap.
Favorites_can be controlled too.
NEW!!! Security_block out all websites with adult material or offensive content.
_control what your users see without your users changing it.
Networks_now, surf among your network for files and pages.
Great for_ web directories
_Library catalogs search and browsing
and of course at home for more direct and convienient web browsing.
That's great, how can I get one for myself or school? Customized.
Choose a package that's right for you and send me an email at stating the package and what you want in it exactly.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Fusai Media is not a software giant so we care about our customers.

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