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VietWrite 2002

hello world!!! VietWrite 2002 is the best FREE word processor that allows you to write in Vietnamese.

Umm... can't say much more than what the subtitle tells you.

VietWrite is a word processor which lets you write in vietnamese using VietFont and VietFontII.

VietWrite 2002 is much better. It possibly could replace for WordPad. Cool huh? and it comes with VietKey board driver, VISCII ( great vietnamese fonts to further enhance Vietnamese typing), doing research? VietWrite have direct search to internet searchers and directories, the power of I-GO.

So what is in VietWrite anyways?

Open up your WordPad that comes with WIndows from Microsoft, look at all it can do, VietWrite can do all this and much more?

But hey! It's not exactly a serious competitor to Microsoft Word or Corell WordPerfect! But hey, it's FREE!! those software cost like $ 70 dollars!!!

Forget the riffraff, download VietWrite now!!!


ALso be sure to visit VietWrite Online at