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About VietWrite
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Welcome to VietWrite online!

VietWrite is a fully equipped text editor. It has the ability to write in not only Vietnamese but in any complex script language. Test it out.
It is a web browser built in for informative searching with I-GO.
Look up definitions, synonyms, antonyms.
It does all that WordPad can do and more!!!.
Find out about Viet culture throught links and services provided.
It comes with VietFont 1, 2 ,  and 3 and a variety of Vietnamese Font including VISCII
VietWrite is now VietWrite X2 because it have tons of stuff and is compatable with Windows XP.
Comes with special characters chart for use for French, Spanish and othere symbols anywhere!!!
Read from .log files, .ini files and any other inaccessible file.
Open web documents with VietWrite webbrowser including .asp, .shtml, .html and image files.
Download it now!!!

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VietWrite address, write this down, or bookmark this site.

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