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I-GO Online
About I-GO

Expanding the power of I-GO

I-GO offers 3 custom choice services. WHOA! No WAy Man!!
3??!??!?! Yup, anyways

1.You can order I-GO for your application! Give your customers the power of I-GO search.
2.Schools and business, order your I-Go and customize the search engines, the searches, and the interface almost everything. Put your logo on I-GO. Great for researching at school or at work. Simple and easy to use.
3.Pesky programmers! want the source code for this application? maybe to touch it up and call it your own? Get the source code.
Deals of a lifetime! Claim your I-GO today!


1. I-Go for your application. ( $ 9.95 USD )
2. Organization custom package. ( $ 9.95 - $ 39.95 USD )
3. Source code. ( $ 3.95 USD )

Smoking deals < Email for more information > Be sure to include your: Name Organization Phone Number Contact Primary Email Contact in all materials sent to I-GO

Send checks or money orders to:
Phu A. Nguyen
4707N 27th Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85017